• PRIVATE FINANCING I. GENERAL RULES AND CLASSIC FINANCING METHODS An entrepreneur or a company is looking to raise capital to undertake a project. When Deschenaux, Hornblower & Partners helps to incorporate, restructure, or protect a company, it transforms it into a “Reporting Issuer”, “Issuing Company” or “Issuer”, that is to say, a company legally capable of issuing shares on the capital market.

    Deschenaux, Hornblower & Partners will help the Entrepreneur to keep control on his company, while converting it into an Issuer, and to guide its search for capital. Read more
  • INITIAL PUBLIC OFFERING (IPO) I. PUBLIC OFFERINGS AND FLOATATIONS “Floatation” is a generic term that includes a significant number of complex procedures, which result in the securities of a company being offering on the public capital markets. The main strength of Deschenaux, Hornblower & Partners is to undertake this process of floatation for individual companies, in whichever form is most favorable to the Issuing Company. Each stage of the operation is extremely technical in nature, and requires extensive knowledge of the intricate regulations of the stock market authorities as well as access to advisers who have successfully completed the exams necessary to operate in this highly regulated arena.

    It is due to these requirements that we advise our clients to be skeptical of the different ready-made solutions offered over the Internet or other media. Read more
  • CONTRACTS A contract, as the transcription of the will of the parties, is an essential instrument used to supervise and adjust the relationships with your interlocutors. We therefore offer to your service our expertise in contractual drawing up. Our skills in the different contractual techniques include all types of contracts. Therefore, the following list is far from being an exhaustive list but only an insight of our competence. Our approach of contractual matters is very specific and original as we of course ensure compliance with national laws; but also believe that nowadays we shall emancipate from national legal constraints and seek to draw up an “international” contract, meaning that the contract will be valid regardless the national laws. Read more
  • BOND LOAN The bond loan is a contract by which an entity (state, public authority, public or private company) receives money from the purchasers of the bonds issued by the entity. These shares give the right to the bondholders to be repaid in term in fixed conditions set in the contract and to collect paying interest on their loans. In case of bankruptcy of the company, bondholders are paid before shareholders. Deschenaux, Hornblower & Partners can assist you in organizing the bond loan and drafting various contracts.
  • BANK CREDIT Deschenaux, Hornblower & Partners can offer you a solution to bank credit for your situation and your project. A bank loan is a loan made to a bank credit. Procedures are not always easy to conduct. Hence, we offer to assist you in your efforts in order to make a loan under the best conditions. We provide you with a completely customized monitoring.
    Besides, we guarantee our help immediately in the event of need for information, processes, or management and negotiating of your contract.
  • ACQUISITION OF COMPANIES The acquisition of a company is a decision to be taken seriously, not only because the costs of such an operation can be really important, but also because the level of investment required by this long term process. This operation must therefore be perfectly well thought-out and prepared, and must also come within the scope of a business strategy. Once your decision has been taken, our firm accompanies you from then on to the effective acquisition of a third party company. Read more
  • AIRPLANES & HELICOPTERS SALE Deschenaux, Hornblower & Partners had the occasion of fulfilling the purchase of six Airbus A320 airplanes on behalf of a third party. This very particular operation obeys very specific rules. The mandate concluded included the full confirmatory due diligence (including, without limitation, financial, technical and business issues) of the Acquisition as well as any regulatory approvals. Moreover, our firm organized the financing of a company possessing a helicopters float that aimed at fire-fighting and that was engaged into environmental protection as it was used to detect the loss of energy of the housing in Geneva from the air thanks to dedicated equipment.

    From a personal point of view, Mr. Marc Deschenaux, founding Partner, has a piloting license and has developed huge interest for these matters.
    Acquisition of Airplanes
  • BOATS SALE Deschenaux, Hornblower & Partners supported the financing of a company that was specialized in the sale and registration of boats and ships in Saint Vincent and the Grenade Isles, offshore territories offering a very advantageous legislation regarding such operations, and especially in the matter of the formalities, that are simplified, and of the property transfers. From then on, rich of this experience, we are ready to assist you if you have a similar project you want to complete.
    Acquisition of Boat
  • Mergers The goal of a merger between two firms should be to strengthen either one of them, or indeed both of them. However the risk of finding bad partners can cause a weakening of both with inevitable consequences for their financial situation. Once again, Deschenaux, Hornblower & Partners can guide your company through this difficult terrain, and bring the process to a satisfactory conclusion. EVALUATION OF AN ACQUISITION TARGET OR PARTNER

    What are the strengths and the weaknesses of a company ?
    What are the advantages of acquiring or partnering with a particular firm ? Read more
  • ADVICE With our expertise in both finance and law, Deschenaux, Hornblower & Partners relies on its knowledge to deliver the more comprehensive and professional consultation to individuals and companies. Our goal is to accompany you in your projects. Our philosophy is that the law must adapt to your request and not the reverse. However, when the law becomes an obstacle, we develop a strategy in order to respond to your request and realize your project. After listening and learning about your concerns, we analyze the law in order to check the conformity of the situation in said law. Then, this analysis allows us in elaborating a strategy to propose the solution adapted to your needs. Thus, this strategy is not only efficient on a legal level, but also financially.
  • COMPANY The management of a company is a demanding task requiring on one hand time and energy and on the other hand experience and capabilities. Indeed, it is not enough to acquire and own a company. It is necessary to know how to manage a company on the legal angle to build legal acts complying with the Laws and precedents in consideration of the company projects. Thanks to its legal team specialized in Business Law Deschenaux, Hornblower & Partners elaborates all types of legal acts concerning management of your company to ease the task of partners and governing body. Read more
  • FINANCIAL WRITING Are you facing time pressure and do regulatory requirements challenge you ? We can take over the writing of your financial texts such as annual reports, fact sheets or investment fund reports so you can have more time for your core business.
    Because we understand the financial industry, you can benefit from our financial writing service.
    - We can find the right tone of voice that will convey your message.
    - We will ensure your financial texts are jargon-free and tailored to your target audience.
    - Our financial writers work for you in complete confidentiality.

    Your advantage is that you can work with a partner who understands you and your business and who can give the right voice to your communication material.
  • INTERMEDIATION Commercial intermediation is creating a marketplace in which the linking between providers with its prospects is facilitated. This facilitation is to guide, on the one hand, users to the product or the brand by objective information, and on the other hand, to advise the providers in order to focus its communication regarding the needs of its consumers to create an area of relevant communication. In summary, intermediation is to bring together participants whose functions are complementary to a common business purpose.

    Deschenaux, Hornblower & Partners assists in the entry in connection with strategic partners by facilitating communication, providing information on the elements of language to use.

    We participate with you in defining your target audience and communication tools to implement in order to capture your prospects and increase your conversion rate.Finally, we give you easy access to institutional processes.
  • Building Permits The building permit is an administrative act which empowers the administration to verify that a construction project complies with the planning rules in force. It is generally required for all work great importance. WORK INVOLVED

    A building permit is required especially when the proposed work is on an existing building: Read more
    Building Permits
  • PATENT A patent is a title that is designed to protect a technical invention, which is in juridical words “a technical innovation envisaged as a technical solution to a technical problem”. A patent can also be granted for discoveries as well as business methods in some judicial systems. The title of industrial property permits you to impeach all third parties to use your invention. All technologies are of course not patentable, and the invention must fulfill a certain number of conditions to be registered. Therefore, our firm proposes to assist you to determine the relevancy of a registration regarding the time and costs.
    We afterwards help you in your registration applications at the national, European and international level. Read more

    It is imperative that trademarks intended to reinforce the operations of a particular business should be lodged simultaneously with the actual act of incorporation, or better, should precede it. The fact of registering a business name does not confer an exclusive right to the use of that name, especially when it is being used outside the state in which the company is incorporated. This is why it is often necessary to register one or more trademarks in order to strengthen this right to a specific name. Usually these trademarks are registered in a number of languages with the relevant national authorities in key states, all of which operate under different legal norms. Read more
  • DUE DILIGENCE From the Latin "Audire" meaning "listen”, Audit is a verification procedure in accounting, tax, social, or as in the case of our jurists firm, legal. Our mission is to check the opportunity of a project or the compliance with the law of an act or a series of legal acts and make a report. Under this service, we perform control operations compared with the standards in force, proceed to the verification of the information submitted to us and establish certifications and reports. We also deliver advice and recommendations on a given document. Our goal is to provide you the best support in your approach to delivering accurate and consistent documents.
  • FINANCIAL EXPERTISE Financial expertise is a technique which seeks to identify and quantify the relationship between financial opportunity (investment, security offering, share over- and under-valuation), and the real potential for financial gain or loss. BUSINESS VALUATION
    In a word, respond to such questions as: “what is the value of a company, or an Issuer? Is the price of a security over-valued or undervalued?”

    What are the inherent risks of an investment, and how can they be quantified in terms of money, and their probability of occurrence? Read more